Are you losing faith in Facebook?

Some businesses no longer see Facebook as a friendly way of connecting with customers or potential clients. This is because of the way a business page’s post appears in someone’s news feed. Posts which do appear are increasingly paid for AKA ‘sponsored’ posts. Those who don’t have an additional budget for boosting posts are often unheard in the ether – which is not great news for SMEs and those of us just starting out.

Facebook can be a key tool for some of the bigger businesses out there which have a BIG marketing budget and have sophisticated targeting and re-targeting strategies to get their messages out there. But even bigger brands are starting to lose faith in the value of Facebook; first filled with the promise of free and viral reach – over the years Facebook has changed big time – it’s now a paid for market place to get attention.

It is a jungle out there, though! So many of us are online all saying something… As more companies are embracing social media, Facebook can’t forget why we’re on there in the first place – to stay in touch with friends and family. But it does feel a bit like you’re being punished if you’re a business and want to join in the fun.

The reality is very small businesses can’t afford the cost which FB has now put on appearing in the news feed. Indeed for most SMEs, the effort and costs just aren’t worth the money.

However, as a small business – don’t lose all faith. If you’re on Facebook and have a small but loyal fan base, then your ‘organic’ reach is worth its weight in gold. People actually want to engage with you and see what you’re up to – and it means your content is worth something too…It’s not thrust upon them.

So, as a small business or someone just starting out what can you do to be heard out there in internet land and reach the people you want and need to? First, accept you’re only going to reach a small percentage of them on Facebook. Create the best content you can, stuff that people should and will want to know about – not just white noise hoping to cut through all the other gibberish out there.

Provide pictures, images and information of interest, which truly makes your audience enjoy what you put out there.

If you have some budget then a Facebook Ad here and there – now and then, can help – but don’t hold onto hopes it’ll get you more likes and followers or even sales.

First and foremost think about where the value of your efforts will be most fulfilled. Why not find an alternative strategy for social media? They are many social media platforms that are much easier to grow on than FB.

Never forget how important your local audience is – marketing is not all about Facebook or even social media. Blogs, websites and the local press are all great ways of growing your business and getting your news out there to people who matter and care about what you do!


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