Why are you a small business and not on LinkedIn?

Now an established go-to business community online, LinkedIn has become an essential place to be for many businesses. Not only can you use it as a method for recruitment – but you can also link up with other like-minded business people in your area – or across the globe. It’s also a great place to publish your blogs, and share your thoughts in conversation.

If you’re a small business and not on LinkedIn –you are missing out BIG time!

Building connections

When you’ve set up your profile on LinkedIn, be sure to get connecting with people. Importing your email contacts is a super easy way to get started. Once you have connected with people, LinkedIn will point you at people you may know and you can easily get broadening your contacts.

Be sure to connect with everyone you’ve done business with or have worked with – these people are familiar with your skill-set and could potentially provide a recommendation for you. It’s also nice to keep in touch with your clients and customers, Facebook can be too informal, and you may find many clients will accept a LinkedIn connection offer over other social media requests.

If you’re looking for freelancing opportunities, tenders, or even recruiting for your small business, don’t be afraid to connect with recruiters in your industry or follow senior people in a business you’re interested in working with.


Any blogs you like, why not share it with your network? You can also like or comment on other people’s content too join in the conversation.

Be sure to publish your own content too, to contribute to your community – it might also help you get noticed by that person you want to do business with.

If you share content across other platforms, why not include LinkedIn in your strategy? Simply interlink the content to post on various accounts to create a strong brand and relevance to your business.

Faux pas

LinkedIn although a ‘social network’, is where people go to seek business contacts and professional opinions. Common LinkedIn faux pas include sharing inappropriate content, unprofessional profile pictures, odd posts or ‘trolling’ messages on other people’s content, spamming your contacts with personal messages to advertise or neurotically looking up your office crush or competitor’s profile.

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