What your brand says about who you want to work with

Your brand is your reputation. That’s becoming more and more obvious to us all in an increasingly digital world.

But what does your brand say about who would want to work with you?

How you’re seen, should be a reflection of your core values. If your colours, logos and tone don’t reflect these – then you may end up working with clients whose values just don’t match yours – and that will only make for bad business in the long term!

So, when thinking about a re-brand or even if you haven’t got an identity yet and you’re just starting out, consider who you ideally want to work with and decide what they look for, and how they present themselves on and off line too.

Why not ask friends, or colleagues to use one word to describe you, to get a sense of how you are seen by others? You may well be surprised by the perception others have of you. It could be very different to your ideas of what your brand could look like –  and what messages you will end up projecting. Ultimately, what will your business be known for?

For example, if you’re a softer and more sensitive kind of person and want to work with those who think along the same lines as you do, place yourself within a particular market or attract those who do business as you do – don’t project a super sharp, macho brand, which would likely only attract others with that mentality.

Come up with something that truly represents you – and you will find those with similar values drawn to you. Think about it….Would you be proud to have certain companies and brands associated with your business?

You want to attract the right clients for you – otherwise there is no or little fun in taking that bold step in starting your own business, or going for that re-brand.

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