Our work – Business Festival ‘Discuss & Do’

In 2012 Rebecca was approached to organise a six-month Business Festival ‘Discuss & Do’.

discuss-and-do-support-for-small-bizThe series of events supported small businesses and start-ups. Each month saw a topic related to small business. Up to 3 events would take place in the month, a main workshop, in which attendees would learn the basis of something – and subsequent spin off workshops.

We were fortunate to have some incredibly talented speakers, ranging from TED speaker, businesswoman and writer Margaret Heffernan, Bryony Thomas, author of Watertight Marketing and expert marketing consultant, along with Grant Lang, founder of Mozzo coffee and the Artic Farm, young entrepreneurs behind a frozen yogurt brand. As well as Claire Sully, Director of Tickbox Marketing and the founder of the Shepton Digital Arts Festival, Andrew Denham, founder of the Bicycle Academy and Gavin Eddy, Angel investor and the man behind workhub operator Forward Space.

discuss-and-do-2Local businesses got a huge amount out of each workshop. Discuss & Do has now transformed itself into a monthly discussion event, where businesses give peer-to-peer support in the community of Frome.

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